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It was while finishing his study of guitar in 1983 with Alexandre Lagoya at the Paris Conservatory (where he now teaches) that Eric Bellocq received his first initiation to basso continuo and started to work in William Christie's baroque group, " Les Arts Florissants", which he subsequently left in 1990.
From 1991, he has been playing mainly renaissance lute with the ensemble "Clément Janequin", directed by Dominique Visse.
Since 2000, with the show "Le Chant des Balles", a duo with a juggler Vincent de Lavenère, he has been able to resume production of his own musical works, while remaining faithful to the early music styles.
Apart from participating in a large number of discs with various orchestras and groups, a few duet and solo recordings have been released by Naxos, Kings Records (Japan) and Frame (Italy).
In 2009, his research on J. S. Bach's works for lute took a concrete form by virtue of an innovative new tuning for the instrument. Important European festivals such as AMUZ (Antwerp) or Festival de Saintes gave audience an opportunity to listen to the suites BWV 996, 997 and 998, which were rarely performed in live concert.

photos: Emiko Bellocq (upper left); Emmanuel Rioufol (lower right)

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